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The motivation behind Desslan Business Solutions is quite simple - make it as easy as possible for foreign companies achieve success in the Canadian market.

Regardless of the industry, we can help establish your presence and support your business in Canada. Desslan are experts in what it takes to do business in Canada.

There are 4 main areas that our solutions fall under:

  • ADMINISTRATION - legal, human resources, contract management, accounting, etc...
  • OPERATIONS - logistics, office and facilities management, order management, etc...
  • SALES & MARKETING - creative and design, marketing materials, lead management, tradeshows, advertising, etc...
  • FINANCE - operating capital, banking, asset financing, tax credits, etc...

Our goal is to ensure that all areas are covered when it comes to establishing a Canadian presence. Both our internal resources and our team of business partners across Canada will ensure that you have the tools to succeed in the Canadian market.

helping your business grow and succeed

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