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It is imperative to have a solid operating infrastructure in place when entering a new business environment. Desslan knows how companies operate in Canada - we can make sure that your business in Canada operates both efficiently and effectively.

Desslan can provide the following Operations help for its clients in Canada:

Logistics: A solid logistics infrastructure and proper supply chain planning are important when doing business overseas. Desslan has expertise in managing multi-national logistics business lines and can help ensure that your logistics needs are met - import / export delivery, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution to final destination.

Office and Facilities Management: Whether you just want to maintain a mailbox, a retail showroom, or a large warehousing and/or manufacturing facility, we have experience in overseeing multi-unit operation centres across the country. Desslan will work with the client to find the right place to operate from at the right cost in Canada.

Order Management: Clients in Canada may wish to deal directly with a local source to place orders. Desslan can facilitate procuring orders and ensuring that the proper documentation is in place before, during and after the product or service request has been fulfilled. We can also follow up with local clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Operational Solutions for Foreign Clients in Canada

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