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Establishing business operations in a new country can often require access to financing. Whether your company is need of establishing a local banking relationship, procuring operating capital for your business or you require financing to purchase operating assets for the business, Desslan can help arrange what you need.

We have access to the following sources of financing in Canada to help your company grow:

Operating Capital
: We work with direct funders, brokers and agents to help arrange the appropriate capital structure for your Canadian business operation. Desslan can help arrange for debt or equity partners in Canada and can work with your existing sources of operating capital to ensure that you have the funding you need to run your business in Canada.

Banking: It can sometimes be challenging for foreign companies to set up local banking relationships abroad. We help clients navigate through the banking process in Canada and set up bank accounts, lines of credit and operating facilities with Canadian banking institutions.

Asset Financing: If your company needs to acquire operating assets for your business, we can work with local lenders to assist you through the process. When appropriate, we can work with funders to margin or factor your Accounts Receivable.

Tax Credits: Depending on the structure of your business and how you chose to establish Canadian operations, we can structure your affairs to take advantage of local tax credits and incentives. The end result is lower local taxation, tax refunds or credits for your Canadian business operations.

Financing Solutions for Foreign Businesses in Canada

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